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Ceremonies to write home about...

If you're looking for a unique, touching, funny and personal ceremony for your big day, look no further than my partner in life, art and business: the incomparable John Jurcheck! He's a writer, director, and professional actor who will meet with you and your love to get to know your story and all the little things that make your relationship unique. Then he'll craft a 20-minute Ceremony Script tailored specifically to you. (You will cherish it forever, trust me!)

Once you have the Ceremony Script, why not be married by someone whom everyone in the audience can hear and understand? In addition to being a licensed officiant, John has been acting professionally for over 20 years. He can command a crowd with ease, speak publicly with honesty and authenticity, and he will make your ceremony truly unforgettable.

Ceremony Script and Officiating Package - $1,200

Package includes:

- A 1-hour Ceremony Planning Session with John

(You'll share your story and collaborate together on content and flow)

- A 20-minute Original Ceremony Script

- Officiating your Ceremony on your wedding day

- Coordinating all Marriage License duties, including signing and mailing of license 

- Invaluable photos of your loved ones engaged in your ceremony with laughter and tears of joy! 

John can also attend your 1-hour Ceremony Rehearsal if necessary

Get started with your Rockstar Ceremony! 



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