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 We live the mantra "Love is love is love is love" and we strive for a day when we don't need to fight so hard for our LGBTQ+  couples to have the same wedding planning experience as our straight couples. We specialize in gay weddings, lesbian weddings, queer weddings and everything in between.


We will never use gendered terms in our wedding planning process. We will of course call you Brides and Grooms when appropriate, but we won't use the term "Bridal" because we've found that it alienates those couples who do not think of either themselves as a bride. By replacing the term "Bridal" with the term "Wedding" (as in Wedding Party, Wedding suite, Wedding bouquet) we open the experience up to all couples. 


We also only refer vendors and venues that are as radically inclusive as we are. The only way to change the world is by living what you believe, and we believe all couples have the right to love - and the right to have a radical wedding! 

The Day-Of is the founder of Pride and Unprejudice, Denvers LGBTQ+ wedding show, to celebrate engaged or "engaged curious" couples in Colorado, and we have plans to expand to many more cities! 


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